Accounts payable automation by ASTERION

Accounts payable from ASTERION

The accounts payable challenge
Every business knows that settling invoices for goods and services received is a time-consuming process – and not to mention the associated mountains of paperwork and information management problems.

Replace your manual accounts payable processes

Using the accounts payable solution from ASTERION you will increase transparency through the use of a more efficient process as well as improving your cash flow and invoice management.

The automation of your accounts payable process can be done on-site at your offices or at one of our production centres.

The solution: Accounts payable from ASTERION

Our tried and tested accounts payable solution automates the entire process from receipt to booking through to archiving and guarantees an efficient workflow in which invoice checking is rationalised and transparency created. Invoices need no longer wait around on someone’s desk to be manually processed. All incoming paper invoices are processed immediately upon arrival and digitalised.

Once all relevant information has been extracted and checked, it is integrated into the customer’s ERP or finance system. Digitalised invoices are securely stored in a central location and are protected against loss and from accidentally being thrown away. At the same time, authorised users can access them easily and simultaneously regardless of their physical location.

Benefits of accounts payable automation

  • Achieve more discounts
  • Avoid dunning charges and interest on late payments
  • Faster accounts payable cycle
  • Reduced risk of breaching contracts
  • Increased transparency and efficiency
  • Reduce the circulation of paper documents
Accounts payable

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