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We are a goal-oriented company. Our values reflect our commitments to support our customers, to focus on service innovation, to invest on people and to improve on support and delivery. This in the way to sustain ASTERION mid & long term business growth and profitability. We follow a business philosophy that values the individual and strives to deliver an appropriate work-life balance in a motivated and challenging environment. We are searching for professionals who share our values and commitments to join us in all European locations.

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Our values

pic-customer-orientation Customer orientation: We only run a business because we have customers who trust us. This reliance is the reason for us to give our customers constant attention. It is important for us to understand their needs and keep them satisfied through high quality services and high added value.

 pic-enthusiasm Enthusiasm: We do what we do with passion! We are energetic and enthusiastic employees in service of our customers, providing them with the highest quality possible. At any time, in all things, we must be enthusiastic and transmit to our customers the passion we have for our business.


Respect and Ethic: We treat each other with respect and appreciate the appropriate use of manners, regardless the hierarchical level, the origins and culture.

We exercise our profession with integrity and show respect to others.

pic-loyalty Loyalty: Much more than only doing a job, we work in a committed and supportive way. We do our best in whatever we do, always thinking about the consequences of our actions, both inside our outside our company.

pic-responsability Responsibility: We take our goals seriously and we give our best to achieve the results. We make decisions by facts, not feelings. We stand for the goals of our teams and business.

pic-team Team spirit: We really and deeply collaborate, sincerely, without rear thoughts, with our direct reports, our superiors, our colleagues, partners, customers and suppliers.

Our commitments

  • Diversity: We run businesses in different countries, with different cultures. We intensively promote diversity within our company, making our differences to a singular force. Diversity isn’t just “nice to have.” Diversity creates a competitive advantage. We recognize the singularity of every individual and use diversity as our major performance driver!

  • Attractive work environment: Our goal is to continuously improve our working conditions, providing our employees an attractive and serene work environment and supporting the balance between private and professional life. We expect commitment and dedication from our employees, but we also support them by taking care of their health and making sure that personal life is protected and respected.

  • Responsible communication: We show respect for others by giving them useful and necessary information in a transparent way on a regular basis during meetings or conference calls. A communication to understand, not only to be attractive. We align our actions with that we say, take numerous commitments that can be verified.

  • Onboarding/Integration process: From our first meeting with a candidate, we create an atmosphere conducive to dialogue and communicate our values. Regardless your job location, our recruitment process respects a common platform where integration is our priority. Welcome someone means to receive her/him, and organize its arrival, prepare various contacts with your direct manager, the employees of your team and an HR team in order to better know & understand each other and share .

  • Internal mobility: At ASTERION everyone writes her/his history, builds her/his own career. The multitude of locations, the diversity of jobs, your wish and your results open opportunities to realize your ambitions and fulfill you professionally and personally.

Current vacancies




• Conception and Designing of software architectures and system models
• Our full support in our sales process and customer presentations as well as technical advice
in clients architecture decisions
• Interface between production, IT and client
• Responsible for the whole technical implementation of projects
• Analyze of architecture decisions, software-applications to improve the productive output
• Responsible for the requirements management and definition of specifications
• Documentation of the software developing process
• Definition of standards for quality and processes
• Team Management


•University degree in the IT area or accordingly professional experience
• Technological competence and expertise, knowledge of IA, RPA, CAPTIVA would be favorable
• Solid knowledge of the service provider branch incl. outsourcing
• Experienced in project management
• Customer oriented thinking
• Solution oriented and intercultural sensitivity
• Competence in ability to analyses and optimize service processes
• Analytical thinking, structured working
• Innovative and creative
• Experience in producing service collaterals as well as marketing contents
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills, positive outlook, interpersonal skills and
the ability to empathize are a must.
• Presentation skills in French and English languages (German would be a plus)



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