About ASTERION International


As a forward-looking company with over 1000 employees distributed along 9 European countries, ASTERION International offers solutions to optimize key processes surrounding the handling of documents. We have expertise in all areas relevant to securing high quality document management.

Our wide portfolio of outsourcing services helps enterprises improve their business processes within finance & administration, customer communication, document composition and distribution.

 We deliver innovative hybrid mail solutions, electronic data processing and digitization, invoice management, operation of paper-based and digital mailroom, physical and digital archiving, transactional printing, reprographics, print services and more to several FT1000 companies as well as SMBs.

Through our experience and know-how, we enable our customers to focus on their core business as well as save money and time through more effective and efficient business practices.
– Print on Demand (PoD)
– Transactional Print & Mail
– Scan Data extraction & indexing
– Transactional print and mail
– Scan Data extraction & indexing
– Invoice processing automation
– Digital mailroom
– Direct Mail
– Transactional print & mail
– direct Mail
– Transactional print & mail
– Scan Data extraction & indexing
– Transactional print & mail
– Print on Demand (PoD)
– Scan Data extraction & indexing
– Invoice process automation
– Digital Mailroom
– Print on Demand (PoD)
Operations at 2 customers’ sites
– HR Document Digitization
– Mailroom & Digital Mailroom
– Help Desk
– Facility Management
– Switch Board
– Purchasing Management

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