Digital mailroom from ASTERION

Digital mailroom from ASTERION

Would you like to organise your incoming mail processes to be more efficient?
Businesses in all sectors and of all sizes are focussing on increasing their competitive edge and reducing costs. In order to achieve this, businesses must implement better approaches to optimise their key document management processes, amongst others.

The digital mailroom of tomorrow

Digital Mailroom from ASTERION is the answer: our digital mailroom service helps reduce the daily mountain of mail that arrives, increases productivity and brings efficiency to the offices of our customers.

How does digital mailroom work?

The digital mailroom from ASTERION gives you a central point for receiving incoming business documents in a variety of formats (paper, fax, email, etc.). This service removes paper-based mail from circulating. Your incoming physical mail is opened, sorted and scanned. The necessary information is collected in digital format, intelligently classified, indexed and immediately forwarded to the relevant internal business processes or workflows.
Confidential letters and parcels are directed (unopened) straight to the addressee. Our Digital Mailroom solution can be delivered either off-site (i.e. at one of our locations) or on-site (i.e. on the customer’s own premises) in order to fulfil the requirements for cost reduction, process control and transparency.

Overview of the benefits:

Use the Digital Mailroom from ASTERION and benefit from our many years of experience in mailroom management:
  • Lower operating costs
  • Greater security
  • Free up office space
  • Improved process quality
  • Better transparency and control
  • Opens up the possibility to provide better services to customers
  • Increased process efficiency, quality and precision
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Any questions?

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