Multi-channel Customer Relationship Management with IBCDYNAMIX by ASTERION


An efficient customer communications management system
IBCDYNAMIX from ASTERION offers you more than just the ability to communicate beyond all device and channel boundaries to reach your customers. At the same time you can optimise the entire document-based communications process from conception to realisation and through to customer-oriented and personalised distribution.

Customer communications made easy

The secret of our advanced customer communications management solution (CCM) lies in how it digitally optimises the entire process chain. The well designed workflows allow you to create, manage and optimise complete multi and omni-channel campaigns with significantly less effort and in less time.

IBCDYNAMIX brings a new dimension to your customer relationship management

Customer enquiries reach businesses through a range of channels these days – by post, by email, through web portals, by phone and via social networks. To ensure that you can keep on top of everything and provide customers with the best customer experience possible, businesses must react to these new ways of communicating with their customers. But even better would be: to make active use of these.
Using IBCDYNAMIX means that nothing can stand in the way of cross-channel, accessible and successful customer relations. Our powerful CCM solution acts as a central interface to support you throughout the entire multi-channel workflow.

Systematic customer communications management

  • Cross-channel creation
  • One-click composition
  • Easy quality control
  • Efficient release management
  • Omni-channel distribution
  • Cross-channel success analysis
  • Centralised archiving

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