Mail handling solutions

Mail handling solutions

Mail handling is for many businesses one of the most labour-intensive and error-prone processes there is. It’s no wonder, then, that incoming mail is often received by every possible department in the company. Outgoing mail and document processing are also areas where there is huge amount of hidden potential for improvements and cost savings.
We will use our outstanding mail handling solutions to actively support you in optimising your electronic and physical mail preparation, distribution and dispatch processes.
This will give you and your staff more time to concentrate on the things that are really important. All other tasks such as document preparation, printing, formatting, enveloping and dispatch can be handled by us. Efficient, reliable and cost-effective!

Efficient mail handling saves time and money!

We will be happy to analyse your current mail handling processes and show you ways in which some small changes could immediately tap unexpected optimisation potential.

Take our advice and put your trust in ASTERION as an experienced partner for optimised mail handling!

Discover which incoming and outgoing mail handling processes can be quickly and easily optimised.

Get an overview of the multitude of possibilities and benefits that digitalisation of your mail handling can bring.

Decide to what extent the modernisation of your mail handling processes is particularly beneficial to you.

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Many businesses see a huge volume of mail being sent out by their staff in various departments. This is usually done without any kind of control or traceability. The consequence: inefficient processes, errors and high costs. IBCMAIL from ASTERION will noticeably reduce the effort required!More about IBCMAIL
When you use our transactional printing services we will process your supplied raw data, format and create the layout, ensure an optimal print out and provide enveloping and finally send the physical documents in the post.More about transactional printing
Using the digital mailroom we will optimise your mailroom and accept everything on your behalf from traditional mail items to faxes and emails at every point of entry. We will then ensure the targeted, efficient and smooth delivery to the intended recipient in a digital format.More about digital mailroom

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