Purchase-to-Pay from ASTERION

Purchase-to-pay from ASTERION

From the initial offer to the final invoice
The purchase-to-pay service from ASTERION deals with all business processes from the initial quotation through to purchasing, receipt and payment for goods and services – including all related checks, approval processes and documentation.

Optimise complex processes

The complexity of the entire process means that various people and departments are involved. The larger the company, the larger the number of people involved – and the longer each process takes.

ASTERION provides Purchase-to-pay solutions so that you can avoid this problem

The high number of people involved leads not only to things taking a long time and high labour costs. It also holds the potential risk of errors being introduced due to manual invoice processing. It further results in a lack of transparency in how processes are carried out.
Companies can automate individual steps or the entire process from purchase through to payment (“purchase-to-pay”) using a suitable solution which will allow processes to be carried out more quickly with improved transparency and significant time and cost savings.
The digitalisation of delivery notes, invoices and other process-related documents, and the integration of these into your payment system, brings control and efficiency to your purchasing process from ordering through to payment. This solution further provides savings in procurement as the provided purchasing processes ensure adherence to contracts.

Benefits of automated Purchase-to-pay

  • More effective supplier relationship management
  • Advantages when negotiating with suppliers
  • Better discounts from suppliers due to fast invoice processing
  • Reduction of labour costs and an increase in accuracy due to completely automated processes
  • Improved contract compliance and reduction in outgoings for unauthorised purchases by individual departments (so-called “maverick buying”).
Purchase to pay

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