Successfully across the board: Purchase-to-pay optimisation

The automated optimization of the entire purchase-to-pay process ultimately forms the ”supreme discipline” of ensuring sequentially coordinated company activities. Within this the finance department can also play a significant role in bringing about company success.

In a third stage, an almost completely automated invoice processing may be beneficial particularly for those companies with high invoice volumes and a significant number of different suppliers, orders and purchasers.

Solve the task with a completely automated purchase-to-pay workflow
Here as well an experienced service provider can again provide valuable services. This is because it can offer a powerful Purchase-to-pay solution, meaning that neither high IT investment nor time-consuming transitions are necessary on the part of the client company.

The efficiency of the company’s own finance department can be increased to unimagined heights wherever the externally provided services of an outsourced service provider are utilized. This is because almost all standard invoicing operations ranging from receipt, to validation and ultimately to approval, payment and legally compliant archiving can be completely automated at this level.