Optimised communications processes for your business

As a specialist in document management, digital data processing and strategic business process outsourcing (BPO), ASTERION provides optimised processes for your business and customer communications – across the entire communication workflow or in specific areas such as cost-saving transactional printing, digitalisation of paper documents or electronic exchange of invoices using e-invoicing.

Smooth and seamless communication with your customers is an increasingly important competitive factor for many businesses. ASTERION provides bespoke solutions for document-based customer communications to ensure that the communicative exchange with your customers goes smoothly. Efficient and multi-channel.Read more about customer communications
Closed Loop Services from ASTERION provide you with more than just an overview of the entire communication loop for all document-based management and business processes – you also have them under control. From receipt of documents to optimised processing through to dispatch to the customer and back to your (digital) inbox.Read more about closed loop services
ASTERION doesn’t just provide automated solutions for managing incoming invoices that allow you to extract key information and register this in your ERP system. Using our intelligent software we will optimise all invoicing processes from receipt through to (electronic) dispatch, known as e-invoicing.Read more about invoice management
Optimising particularly intensive and time-consuming processes and transferring paper archives and microfilms to digital archives does more for you than just reducing the time needed to access required information immediately. Switching to a high-performance digital archive also means that you benefit by freeing up a huge amount of physical space.Read more about digitalisation
Our innovative mail handling solutions allow us to support you in the optimisation of your physical and digital mailing processes. We offer more than just support for your incoming physical and digital mail – we can support you in the entire mail handling process: from document creation to printing, formatting and enveloping through to cost-effective dispatch.Read more about mail handling
We have the latest printing technologies at our disposal and can therefore provide you with services beyond the day-to-day production of “normal” printed documents. As an experienced provider of print services we also produce high quality advertising materials ranging from small print-on-demand orders up to large volume digital and offset printing.Read more about printing services
Our solutions

Our professional document management solutions will allow you to spend more time concentrating on your core business.
This will save you not only time, but money too!

Hybrid mail with IBCMAIL by ASTERION

IBCMAIL (Hybrid mail)

Our IBCMAIL hybrid mail solution allows you and your staff to immediately print and send all outgoing and incoming shipping documents from their workspace in a time and cost-saving way and without even having to leave their desk.
Multichannel customer communications management with IBCDYNAMIX by ASTERION


IBCDYNAMIX revolutionises the way you communicate with your customers. The optimised omni-channel workflow saves you time and money. You will be able to perfect your entire customer communications management (CCM)!
Digital mailroom by ASTERION

Digital mailroom

The digital mailroom by ASTERION will carefully take care of all your incoming documents from traditional mail through to faxes and digital email. It ensures optimal digital distribution to a provided list of recipients.
Purchase-to-pay by ASTERION


Our purchase-to-pay services cover all business processes from the initial quote through to purchasing and payment. This includes all checks, authorisation processes and documents.
Accounts payable by ASTERION

Accounts payable

Accounts payable counts amongst the areas requiring the most effort for most businesses and problems are common. ASTERION will optimise your electronic accounts payable processes.
e-invoicing by ASTERION


The sophisticated e-invoicing solution from ASTERION makes it simple and cost-effective to prepare and send electronic invoices between businesses and your suppliers. You can even digitally sign them.
Archive digitalisation by ASTERION

Archive digitalisation

Traditional document and receipt archiving is not only complicated, but requires a great deal of space, time and money. Digital archives therefore provide a clear advantage. We will digitalise your paper archives and microfilms quickly and reliably!
Transactional printing by ASTERION

Transactional printing

When you use our transactional printing services we will process your supplied raw data professionally, format and create the layout, ensure an optimal print out and provide enveloping and dispatch of the physical documents.
Global Vision by ASTERION

Global Vision

Global Vison allows you to constantly watch over the entire production process for your paper-based and digital customer communication documents. Cross-process with the level of detail you require and completely location-independent.

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