Accounts Payable Automation: A Case Study

In addition to its headquarters in Central Europe, a globally successful group in the healthcare sector also has numerous branches around the world. Its business activity focuses on the development and production of a vast range of well-known medicines and other sought-after medical products. Both research & development are undertaken internationally, as is production. Secondary business and administration processes, such as invoice processing and document archiving, also have to meet the high requirements of such a complex system of goods, services and data flows. After all, these are increasingly becoming a crucial cost and competitive factor. With this in mind, it was decided to appoint ASTERION’s experienced BPO experts to “tame” the innumerable incoming documentation flows in its Finance Department…

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Optimised document management: Best practice no. 7

Hybrid solutions combining electronic and paper processing broaden the range of possibilities available to companies, allowing them to choose according to their needs and obligations…

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