On-site, outsourcing – or something in between?

Hybrid solutions combining electronic and paper processing broaden the range of possibilities available to companies, allowing them to choose according to their needs and obligations. Several options are available:


Incorporating a digital mailroom directly in the company, managed by a mail service, for example, in collaboration with a CIO and a service provider. The provider could also manage the internal mailroom of the company entirely, allocating the resources required.


Outsourcing the digital mailroom to a provider may be a more viable option, especially if the company does not have sufficient resources. Mails are received directly by the provider, who manages them remotely. The company accesses the information through a web portal.

Hybrid solution

A company that receives large volumes of mail from customers may, for example, outsource all customer correspondence, which will be dispatched directly to the provider, and choose to manage and capture all other documents on-site using a digital mail service.

Whatever approach is chosen, the digital transition can be accelerated with the guidance of an experienced provider, especially since these projects are complex and affect the company’s information systems. A review of the processes must be carried out before performing digitalisation, in order to optimise the results and eliminate any unnecessary tasks or allocation.
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