Three steps to an (almost) fully automated process chain

Let us consider the most common problems, then illustrate the initial potential for optimization, and provide tips as to how to improve the efficiency of your accounts payable markedly with the minimum of effort and in the shortest of time by improving the invoice receipt processes.

In a next step you shall learn how to get more from your Accounts Payable function and raise the efficiency of your financial accounting to a new level through the use of simple automation mechanisms.

The absolute “non plus ultra” for process optimization in the Accounts Payable activity shall be learnt in one of our following blog posts: the powerful automation of the entire process chain from the initial requisitioning, to the subsequent order confirmation and the delivery of goods, to the settlement of the supplier invoice, also including of course all the tracking, archiving and release processes.

How such a process optimization can be successfully implemented in your company through the coordinated, strategic utilization of customized outsourcing and automation solutions for financial accounting, shall eventually become clear to you using the real example provided by the many years we have been in business (case stuy coming soon). See for yourself.

A process optimization that immediately pays off!

Depending on requirements and company size, great savings can be achieved.

And the best of all of this: despite reducing costs, both the speed and the quality of processes to be realized increases significantly. The result is a noticeable decrease in the processing time required for a supplier invoice from its receipt to its payment and ultimate archiving, and all that hand in hand with a noticeable reduction in error rates.