Once a conventional multi-channel communication campaign involves an analog workflow, it becomes a difficult task to implement platform and cross-channel tracking.

Real-time success monitoring is practically impossible since each channel is accessed individually and the monitoring is also only possible by being linked to a channel.

Therefore, a comprehensive evaluation of the campaign is performed manually in most cases more or less.

Monitoring and tracking within the multichannel vs. omnichannel workflow

Follow-up and evaluation in the omni-channel workflow

When implementing omni-channel marketing with the right system, companies continually have full access to all the important metrics and performance indicators of the current campaign – not only cross-channel, but highly detailed and in real time when needed.

By making targeted use of bar codes and other features, it is possible to significantly increase levels of interactivity in the print channel. In short: All of the behavior and actions of the contacted customers are accurately recorded and can be analyzed in detail.

Customer metrics that can be collected with a powerful CCM system like IBCDYNAMIX, include among others:

  • Reading and time spent
  • Customer Journey and requested documents
  • Individually entered values in interactive elements such as scales, etc.
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